Tailored Innovation Strategy Is the product road map a bit to busy to be realistic? We excel at helping you find competitive solutions with the latest technologies that provide top tier realistic and simple innovation.
Refine & Execute Inventive Initiatives Looking for a creative solutions? We have experience bringing out the inventive potential of individuals and helping them to bring forward the creative solutions the company needs.
Align Aspirations & Practices Do the goals seem just out of reach? We help to align the aspirations of teams into everyday practices to get those goals accomplished.
Agile / Lean Effective process and practice management. We're big supporters of the Manifesto for Agile Software Development and the focus on; individuals, interactions, working software, collaboration, and responding to change!
Design & Systemic Thinking We can help derive the systemic abstract nature of the systems your ecosystems needs. Our team thrives on seeing the big picture and getting the right solution into place.
Customer Development Practices Want to hone in and focus your development practices? We've had years of practice setting up practices, customer or development focused. Let's talk!
Software Development
Architectural Guidance
Pragmatic Guidance
Developing a solution that reaches into new architectural territory? We can help bring to focus years of architectural guidance around Go, Java, Node.js, and other technology stacks against large scale systems from service oriented architectures, microservice, and others.
Working to determine best practices for your team? Maybe you know the team has more potential and want a little kick to help unlock it? Let us dive into a project and we'll help bring a varied array of experience to help determine pragmatic solutions with your team. Unlocking potential after all is what we do!
Brands partnering with Peloton
We've had the privilege to work with some exciting companies. With these companies and others we've helped to build teams, improve process, and get high quality applications built. From the complexities of aeronautics, heavy regulation industries (banking, medical), to the direct solutions needed for Startup Weekend, we have tackled a wide range of software development, team building, practices, process, and more.